The Jiu Jitsu of Life Episode 21

Here is episode 21!


Inspired by an article published on the RollBliss Gi site, Mo and Carter discuss the role belts play in jiu-jitsu. They discuss the motivation that belts can provide to students and also talk about the criticisms some people have about belts.



  • The topic for this episode (00:58)
  • Mo’s opinion on how belts in jiu-jitsu are important for some people (01:55)
  • How belts are just a reflection of your own progress (05:02)
  • Does the disappointment of not getting the next belt cause some people to quit? (09:12)
  • The problem with defining belt levels in jiu-jitsu (10:00)
  • How lack of communication from an instructor to a student about what they need to improve on can lead to hurt feelings (10:47)
  • The problem with comparing yourself to other people (11:22)
  • Are belts watered down these days? (15:10)
  • If you stick around long enough you will get a black belt and then it doesn’t really matter any more (16:39)
  • How you need to continue to focus on getting better even after you get a black belt (17:36)
  • If you are not getting promoted talk to your instructor to find out what is holding you back (18:40)


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