Learning BJJ from big guys

Learning BJJ from big guys

So big guys have a bad rap in BJJ for a long time. I think it may stem from the idea that Helio and Carlos Gracie were relatively small guys and they fought the big scary guys. Thus they decided BJJ was for the small to defeat the big and people still seem to hold a big guy’s bigness against them. The irony is almost everyone I’ve ever met in BJJ uses whatever they’ve got. Strong guys use their strength, flexible guys use their flexibility, long guys use their length, etc. But nothing is frowned on more than a big guy being big. I think learning BJJ from big guys is a great idea and I’d like to explain why.

Now before I sound like some bitter big guy, please know I’m more medium sized myself (6’1″ and 175-180lb). To some people I’m big, but compared to most of my main training partners, I’m definitely small! But there’s a reason I train with these guys: they teach me a lot! Learning BJJ from big guys has been a huge help to me and it could be for you too.

Here’s a few reasons why:

#1 – Big guys like to conserve their energy. I’m not pointing fingers here, but most of the big guys I know don’t like to waste their energy. While this might be tough if I wanted them to help me mow the lawn, this a good thing when it comes to BJJ because they learn how to be more efficient! I always learn a lot from my bigger training partners as to strategies on when to move and when to stay put.

#2 – Big guys keep things simple. I’m not sure why this is, but every big guy I’ve ever trained with has a very simple game. When someone has a simple game, it’s usually much easier for them to teach it because….it’s simple. I’ve watched some instructors spend 20 minutes explaining the different grips they use on one technique. I don’t have time for that complexity in my life and my little brain couldn’t handle it if I did. And since most big guys conserve their energy well, their game is about making their opponent work much harder and giving that opponent a few bad options to choose from in every position.

#3 – Big guys learn a practical bottom game. Since most big guys are quickly shamed about their bigness, they will usually play on the bottom, especially with a smaller opponent. As we already discussed, most of them like to conserve their energy and keep things simple. This leads to a very practical bottom game that usually involves half guard. This most likely because it’s the easiest guard to get and is a very sweep oriented guard.

#4 – Big guys have a lot of experience playing the top game – When going against people of equal skill level, a big guy, once he gets on top, tends to stay on top. While this is usually the source of most smaller guy complaints, it’s also the real key to why learning BJJ from big guys is so valuable. Big guys end up get many, many more reps in top positions (usually side mount) than other people at the same skill level. This leads to true expertise in these positions.

Most of my game is directly stolen from my big guy teachers. Often times people need to feel me doing the techniques to really believe that they can use them too. Learning BJJ from big guys has made huge improvements for me and it might work for you too.


learning BJJ from big guys

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