Lesson 1: Escaping the mount when strikes are thrown

Lesson 1: Escaping the mount when strikes are thrown.

In my opinion, staying safe from strikes when grappling involves a combination of two main concepts:

  1. Range – You need to be out of striking range, either too close or too far away
  2. Balance – You need to have your opponent off balance so they cannot strike you effectively

In the following two examples both concepts are played out.

In the Gracie Combatives they seek to prevent the opponent from getting the proper range to strike by clinching up from the bottom.

In the Henry Akins¬†example, he disrupts the opponent’s balance.

In my mind what could work even better than both examples is to somewhat combine them. It would start off as a clinch, then lead to the elbows down/bridge position. This is still in the experimental stages but so far it’s worked pretty well. So enough babbling on my part, here are the two lessons.

Gracie Combatives

Henry Akins

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