Single leg to double leg part one

So a lot of people do some really cool, fancy stuff from the De La Riva guard. I am not one of those people. I really appreciate the possibilities but frankly, they’re just too complicated for me and my main concern from the De La Riva position is two things:

  1.  Don’t be in a position to take shots or get leglocked. This is mainly by being out of range and putting your opponent off balance.
  2. Sweep your opponent in a way that works gi, no-gi, and mma.

Because of this relatively specific scope of things, I started messing around with kicking out the back leg and working on a single leg. Then one day I was watching a video by legendary wrestler Cael Sanderson. He was showing a single leg, but said that since he was now getting “old and lazy” he preferred to switch it to a double leg to prevent his opponent from scrambling.

I realized that I too was already old and lazy thus this scrambling reducing idea might work for me. Once I started perfecting the shoulder punch, it made getting the back foot pretty easy. I’m sure many other people have come up with the exact same technique, this was just my personal journey on how I did it.

Pay attention to the detail of grabbing the far side ankle, not the far side thigh. I picked up this idea from Ricky Lundell, another awesome grappler and coach who was a walk on at Iowa State Wrestling despite having never wrestled in high school.

Part 2 deals with more of a grappling specific situation as I can remember anyone doing it in an mma context but it’s a pretty common reaction to prepare for.

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