I’ve been training Brazilian jiu jitsu for over 20 years, beginning in 1995 at the Rickson Gracie Academy in Los Angeles, CA. I also trained at the Beverly Hills Jiu Jitsu Club, then later with Eddie Bravo at the first 10th Planet school located at the Bomb Squad in West Hollywood..


I moved moved to Austin, TX in 2006 and received my black belt in 2009 and am now a 2nd degree black belt under jiu jitsu mastermind Sean Choi 

I’ve been lucky to have many great training partners who were – and are – better than I am at jiu jitsu. This helps me to constantly focus on where I can learn and improve as there is never a day when I’m the best person on the mat.

I look forward to teaching all the things I wish someone had taught me.


Don’t Believe Everything You Think – JJOL Podcast #23

http://www.thejiujitsuoflife.com/podcasts/episode-23/ In this episode Carter and Mo discuss critical thinking. Influenced by the book Don’t Believe Everything You Think by Thomas Kida, they talk about the things that hinder critical thinking and relate this to jiu-jitsu and life. They discuss how we prefer stories over statistics, the trap of confirmation bias and how experts can …